Edmant - Low Poly Anime Character

This is my first attempt at making a humanoid character. It’s going to be a low poly that’s used in a game. He’s called Edmant, and he’s a melee type fighter with a smug personality.

I initially did a base mesh using box modelling. The body was made by extruding everything and then using Edge Loop Cut. The head was basically a sphere. I used edge modelling for the nose and lips, then reconstructed the front of the sphere following the vertices for the nose. At the end, following a sculpting tutorial where they recommend using a subsurf before sculpting, I set subsurf to level 1.

Afterwards, I turned on multi-resolution and started sculpting him. I only got as far as this, because I couldn’t really control the sculpt tool as much as I wanted for edges and clothing layers. Everything looked lumpy like putty.

Since my high poly mesh was totally unusable as a normal map, I started from scratch again. I started box modelling from a cube again. I placed the high poly mesh underneath and turned on wireframe, and extruded the cube’s vertices to fit the high poly mesh. For the head, I used a sphere and the ReTopo modifier and vertex modelling. ReTopo was very buggy, but I got the shape of the front of the face. For the rest of the head, I turned off ReTopo and vertex modelled using the high poly mesh as guideline in wireframe mode.

At that point, the head was still completely bald. To make the hair, I first cut 3-4 edge loops on the top of the head. Then, going to Sculpt mode, I used the Draw brush to add the basic hair volume. It looked puffy and slightly lumpy. Next, I used the Grab brush and pulled out the hair strands, working from the back of the neck and side burns before going onto the forehead. There was a lot of quads that were horribly deformed, so I had to manually Knife the quads into decent looking tris, and shift a bit of vertices to prevent overlap.

I originally wanted to use a separate UV texture for the eyes and mouth expressions, which explains why the pictures above didn’t have eye sockets or a mouth. The texture sheet will have multiple expressions, and maybe switch between textures so that his face can animate naturally.

But I realised that the 3D engine I chose (JME) doesn’t seem to support multiple textures out of the box. Much less animating a texture by changing UV coordinates or heaven knows what. So I had to give him new eyes and a mouth.

The eyes is made of a single sphere the size of his head. The sphere’s origin is placed at the center of the head (x coordinate = 0). That roughly fits the curvature of the skull and eye socket since the head is pretty much an unmodified sphere. I trim the sphere to size and then mirrored it to get the other eye.

The mouth cavity is connected to the head and has a small bump for the tongue. I know it probably doesn’t make sense that a low-poly character has a mouth, but then again I chose low-poly because I was going for a cartoony style and I really hate messing with high vertex count - I can’t see and push the vertices I want and a clean mesh quickly goes out of control. So this much vertices (about 200 tris) is alright, i suppose.

As it stands, the whole model is about 1966 tris. I was aiming for 1500 tris, but this is alright, I think. I’ve already got it textured and starting to animate it already, I’ll probably upload screens later.


looks really nice and I appreciate the little tutorial on the side of your progress! :smiley:

Thanks! I dont know if my descript was actually helpful though haha.

I found out the mesh actually looks pretty bad around the lips when exported and rendered. The shadows made the lips look puffy. I guess it’s my fault that I was doing all the modelling while Shadeless was toggled in Blender materials, and even when I did test render the lighting, I used a lot a LOT of lamps.

I can live with this though, since I was going for a overly saturated, pastel style in the first place anyway.

So far there doesn’t seem to be any issue during rigging, the mesh deforms as intended. Now I just have to do animations for all in-game actions, and maybe get to try to use the NLA editor (I never touched that before).

looks good so far :slight_smile: