Education clips - a series of short animations


I’ve been playing around with Blender for about 6 months or more. I completed my first Blender animation project this week, a series of short animated clips for a UK Government department, the Department for Education.

This is my favourite:

…and the rest are here:

Many of the blends were made by the good people at Blend Swap, so a big thanks if any of you are on this board.

The work was rendered using a Cycles toon node setup, followed by compositing in After Effects and a final edit in Premiere.

Any feedback on the design and animation would be very welcome. And sorry for all you non-FB users. I haven’t had a chance to upload to YouTube yet…


Haven’t seen this kind of Blender render look before, great job! Your style fits well for educational videos.

Am I correct to understand that these are your commercial projects done for your client the Department for Education in UK?