Educational 2d resources for children made with Blender VSE --no 3D skills for now :)

Hi every one,
I’m new with Blender, that is why i’ve started with Blender VSE to get familiar with its interface and its tooling and interface.
It is a great piece of software, and here is my first educational serie for children
ABCs coloring pages for Kids
made with BlenderVSE only (no 3d skills used) and some other free software, to prepare my assets.
In addition to Blender VSE, and its python API, i’ve used GIMP, Inkscape, Audacity, SynfigStudio and Synfig CLI (since i’m a software programmer)

I hope that you will enjoy it :slight_smile: I’ve put my educational resources for free, available on Youtube.
do not hesitate to share your support and thoughts about it :slight_smile:
Thank you all :slight_smile: