Educational material on drawing human anatomy?

What books or video courses would you recommend to me for mastering drawing human anatomy from all perspectives which would in return help immensely me in 3D modeling characters?

I bought “Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist” by Stephen Rogers Peck about a year ago, the book covers the basic shape of the various body parts as well as muscle structure. It’s not as in-depth as some of the other books but it does break down the parts into “blocks” which makes it easier to understand their shape and volume. The book works better as a foundation than an all round reference of human anatomy.

Leonardo da Vinci probably wrote the first one . . . . .

Given everything that I’ve read so far and the probability that there will be no more answers on this topic I think the best possible solution would be to go with one of the 70+ hours on human anatomy on Udemy. Thank you for your time anyways.