educational material on youtube

I found this nice channel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presenting educational material for free.

There are a wide category of courses included. Maybe you find a topic that always interested you but you didn’t find much info about it :slight_smile:

I didn’t check all the courses (way too many of them^^) but I have to say, it seems mostly high quality to me (there was one video that seemed to have been uploaded in a bad way or something, which was really low quality, but all the rest was just fine) and the explanations are well understandable. also has a huge range of educational videos. Very useful if you find it hard to study from a book.

wow, definitely gonna have to check those out! maybe even subscribe… :smiley:

MW: That’s what I did :slight_smile:

Nat: Thanks a lot :smiley:
I’m really interested in such pages :slight_smile: I’ll stick with MIT for now but I’ll bookmark kahnacademy as well, for later examination :slight_smile:

@Kram - Nice range there from alegebra to Film. No doubt when my mind is fresh, I will spend some time here.

Stanford also does the same thing:

The greatest benefit of this: You get to follow along at your own pace, and really absorb the material.

As a student in an actual college, you’re restrained by the limits of time: There are 4 main tests (usually), for which you have limited time to prepare, and then there are all the other classes you’re taking that semester, so you have to ration your time and attention between all of them.

It’s a really crappy learning environment, because you never feel at ease to really delve into a subject, and truly “learn it”.

… If there is one thing you really learn in college, it’s how to pass a test (and your social security number).

Real education starts now. :slight_smile:

Stanford? That’s great :smiley: Thanks a lot for that addition :slight_smile:
Tons of courses on fundamental physics drool


there are a lot of universities that do this now…
this series is the best resource in my opinion for learning programming in C:

I didn’t go through that one, but I consider this to be the best class on C:

Jerry Cain is a better teacher, IMO.

And, let me contribute to the overall educational resource pile:

They’re trying to be a compendium of all university lectures.

that’s great :smiley:
Didn’t expect that many sites :slight_smile:
I guess, it would be better to just bookmark this thread than to bookmark all the sites.