Edupass animation video

Hi all, recently we finished this project, all the 3D was done in Blender, rendered in cycles and using a low-poly style models. The client is Edupass, they do education funding here in Mexico. Tell me what you think about it :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the video:

That’s actually pretty good! I like it.

I didn’t understand a single word and watched the entire thing because it was engaging. I love the art style! Great work!

thumbs up! Loved the low-poly look!

Thank you: XeroShadow, Urf and Drew99! Im glad that you like my work.

Wow, great design and timing. All the motion looked just right for the scale of the objects. And I have no idea what any of it was about.

Yes, I like the style also! Very creative!

Really good! even though I didn’t understand anything, I really liked the style and the simplicity :slight_smile:

Well done - looks like someone cut out a bunch of stuff from paper and did stop-frame animation.
Only criticism is the sphere at the start and end - the low poly made me focus on it and thought about the setting in Blender for smoothing.

Bien hecho! Spanish is my second language. :slight_smile:

I think a well done low poly look comes across far better than an overly ambitious attempt at realism. It works especially well with this kind of ‘public service’ type of advertisement.