eee stick!!! wii for pc, work with blender?

iv ordered the eee stick, its like the wii except for pc
it can be used as a mouse and stuff but i just wanted to know if blender would find it easy to use the eee stick as a controller.
it can be used as a mouse, i know blender can do that but can it do anything else?

this is a big step for pc gaming and i want it, lols
heres the eee stick add:

…wow…legend wait for it… dary.


Yes, it’s nice, I remeber when the “WiiMote on PC Mania” exploded, I even tried using a WiiMote on the PC with the help of GlovePie and while its funny, after some time you see that the capabilities are quite limited for anything except Wii games :expressionless: So for the EEE stick should be the same thing since they are almost identical…

Anyway, maibe you could give a look at BoroToro, its a game when you make your character advance in levels moving the geometry around him with the mouse or, if you have it, a WiiMote ( in this case the stick should do since it should be natively supported by the PC ), of course the game is made with Blender :slight_smile:

I’m more interested in Project Natal from Microsoft though >_> :stuck_out_tongue:

Cya =)

A couple of months ago. I made a small fps game that uses the bge and a wiimote. you would look around with the wiimote and move with the d pad ontop and shoot with the trigger. it was kind of cool when using a projector

KDarius, how were you parsing wiimote input? I’ve played around with using a wiimote as a puredata/MaxMSP controller through DarwiinRemoteOSC/OSCulator, and I can imagine using a Python client script to grab the OSC output from one of these programs, but is there a better solution?

Personally I would suggest a native driver for it. There IS one for linux (sort of) but on windows I mean. Theres lots of documentation and programming libraries so it makes me wonder why nobody has bothered to write one.