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this is my progress on this so far … crits and comments are welcome…[/img]

Very cool model.

What exactly am I looking at? Is meant to be just an abstraction?

It sort of looks like a musical instrument of some kind. I think the ‘connections’ on the top of the head look like things you push on a saxaphone(I have no idea what they’re called)

Creepy, sort of Geiger-ish.

I like it

That is vile.
Well done.
Thats my lunch ruined…

Neat model. You need to work on texturing, perhaps UV map it. There are some tutorials on the main Blender site if you don’t already know how to do it. I think this is a great model, and can be a great abstract piece…

Like I said on IRC, it’s awesome! I think the last one before the materials was the best. I don’t really like any of the materials. except maybe the 2nd and the 4th.

you wouldnt happen to know H.R. Giger personally would you?

the model is really cool. Weird, but cool. Unfortunately, I think that your shader experiments ruin it :frowning:

Like Ongnissim, I think you should try to UVmap it (ouch! should be tough!)

thank you for the positive comments…

this is where something like zbrush would come in handy … do they have zbrush for linux?

if i get desperate i might uvmap it…however i fear if i tried to texture it i would ruin it more than the shaders ruin it…

the shaders i thought were “interesting” looking … but for me also being able to see the whole model is also interesting … i think if it was textures it would be colors that would bring out the geometry of the model not ditract from it … ive seen too many models that look good and then when there textures you loose all sense of the model … problem is im no texture artist and im not sure how to pull this off =/

it turned out funky … but it looks neat anyhow…

the second one looks the best (out of the two textured) at least, to me it does.

looks like we have something in comon :wink:

there are two things i would like to comment.

first you composition. you look at the object from the side and this does not create as much drama than you model contains. this also let your moel likk falt itself.

i would like to see a bit more from the head, since it looks pretty interesting, special with your egyption like beard.

second the big thick extruiosn you created in the first rendering from which you extruded many of the smaller and finer elements is in my opinion to uniform in thickniss. it looks to heavy and undefinded.

with your texture problem i would not agree completly with that. texturing is only one part but also the way how you play with lights and shadows are important to scultp the objects geometry. i share you opinion that sometimes less is more, thats the reason why i only selected a base shader and not so much else.


wow, dude.

That is eff dupp…

in a good way. a VERY good way.

thank you for the critique … eventually when i get more energy to work on this things might become more apparent … i agree that the base extrusion is too simple … so in the final version of this (if i ever get time to work on it) …you will probably be unable to see the original it is only a guide for my obsession.

otoh , the simpleness of the original with the complexity of the growth is a somewhat aesthetically pleasing contrast…

the face , i might possibly add more detail to it … presumming i have a good idea… at the moment however i like its simpleness contrasting with the complexity … however i always love a piece of art that is unapologetically complicated…

i will post some dif perspectives however the sideview so far i have liked for its austereness… (sp?)

the model is awesome, I love the style.

the thing is, your background is the same color as the model…so the details are lost. You need more contrast in there.

hope this help…keep it up!

im not so familiar with yayfray … it has that gradiant thingy from the world button menu… but im doing something wrong and it doesnt show up right in yayfray… oh well