Eeisi Game Studio Seeks Modelers

Hello guys, somewhere in this post I will have to say it, so I might as well get it over with. We’re making an MMO. We have been for quite some time. It’s not the next WoW, in fact it’s really unlike anything out there. But it’s not a dream none-the-less – It’s a work in progress.

So let me restart by introducing myself and the team. My name is Wade Logan, I’ve been a member of these forums for a while, I’m more of a 2D artist so I really don’t post too much, but I do get on and read a lot of the forums and threads. I’m the concept artist, and pretty much the art lead of the team, and listed below is some information about our game, team and some concept art that I’ve made.

Our project was also brought up on these forums a few months ago, because this is where I was found to work on the team.



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The creation of this game is our hobby, but upon release of the game, any permanent members will be paid. (We know this is cliche, but like I said, this is our hobby, we all have 9-5’s or are full-time students.)

What we have
We have more than an idea, we have a working machine. We have well over 200 complete pages in our design document. Much of the basic programming is complete, including connecting to the server. (If you are rerouted to the devblog, there are youtube videos [including screenshots] of the game connecting to the server and all kinds of goodies)

The Team
Jared Mark - Lead Programmer - Lead Designer
Bill Boutilier - Programmer
Ross Baxter - Designer
Wade Logan - Art Lead

All of our members either have past development experience or are professionally trained in their field of work for the game. So you would not be messing around with a bunch of kids that have no idea what they’re doing.

Who we’re looking for
Modelers and Riggers! Actually, just one particular person for the time being. We know that we will need more, but at the moment, bringing in a horde of people to work would be overkill for our project. For the time being we’re only really looking for the basics, (Our 6 races, walking, running, etc etc etc) We already have an environment, you can see it below with the concept art. Keep in mind, you will not be working alone, I know my way around several 3D programs including Blender, I can UV map and make textures.

We really only have one requirement, and that is that all staff use Ventrilo for team communication, so much easier since we all multi-task.

Also, whoever is willing to work with the team is granted access to the design document, and gets the lowdown on the game. (We really don’t want to leak info on our game, obviously)

Technology Used:
Programming in VB.NET, using the TrueVision3D engine

3D Technology Can Use
Any, including Blender (Main reason I posted here:cool:)

What We Have to Show For:


Demon Concept:

Undead Concept:

Screenshot of the landscape:

So, if anyone is interested in working with us, my e-mail is [email protected], you can add me on MSN.

Thanks again, guys and gals.