eel creature - update #3 - texture test

wanted to take a break from medusa, and needed something to practice texturing on. and so i wanted to make an eel. got the model complete (but will still work on the mouth and eyes), and most of the mouth textured, some spots missing.
will try and finish texturing over the weekend, and then i think i’m going to try and make a submarine for a little scene with the eel.

Nice work, Wu.

Only one question: Do eels have noses? LOL :P.



Nice. The eys are place too flat on the head. Turn them and push them back a little bit.

The head is also a little square.


thanks guys

block01cube- i was just going to paint the nose holes on to keep the model simple, but decided scince i have the time nostral holes would look cool

BgDM- thanks for the suggestions. i did change the eyes moved them back and closer together, and also opened them more on the sides. and tried to move the jaw up more to appear less square, also moved up the skin around the nose to make more rounder.

so this is a small update, also got to retexture the teeth to fix the spots that i missed. so i will work a little more on the bottom lip, and then i think the model is complete. and then will move onto textureing the head, and then the body.
thanks for looking.
if anyone has any good reptile eye textures please post a pic, thanks in advance!

I love to find pics for references and such so here i go.,%20Wholesale%20Body%20Jewellery,%20Body%20Piercing%20Jewelry/Black%20Line/Glow%20Jewellery-10/BL051.jpg
Hope these help some.

you really need to work on mesh before you’ll start texturing this one.

Looking great, Wu! This piece really has your distinctive style!

Awesome work.



thanks for the posts :smiley:

[og]GrYpHoN- hey thanks a lot for the eye textures, i will try the red one out. i also found a great eye texture on “weird hats” pixar eye tutorial.

kroopson- i wish i had the time and paitence to spend on the mesh but I think i’m done modeling.

block01cube- thanks for the very nice post, very encoraging, thanks.

did some unwrap work and add a test texture to the body and eyes. i will try and go back and add some more detials, and wrinkels in the skin. thanks for looking.

Looks like a good start. The body looks quite odd, but I assume you’re not at all done with it. Keep it up.

Looking good :). I think the lights need to be brightened just a bit (looks a little dark… ok, LOL, a little too dark :P). Also, if you look at the body, just before it becomes the fin, right where the shadow behind the head ends, there’s some texture stretching there.

Are you going to bump map this guy?

Hey, something just popped into my head: medusa vs. the giant eel ;).



Also on this model, you’ve made some very good theeth. Only comment, the tail should be a little sharper.

Textures are much better than your last few models. See how the softer colour tones/transitions make it more beleivable? Well done on this one.


thanks for the posts

anogarlr- pretty close to finished, it was more of a peice to try and practice with uv mapping.

block01cube- thanks for the lighting tips, i will keep that in mind, i actually tried to keep the lights low to hide the more noticable mistakes, but i guess everyone can see them anyway haha. good eye about the texture strech too, also got a few more along that fin body line too that i need to fix. i really should look into bump mapping, i really have no clue what it is? would this give the apperance of bumps or add actual small bumps? is this the same as adding nor for things like water, wood and clouds? i got to look into that. and i actually thought of using them in a scene with medusa, like here being under water and these evil things in the background. but things are slow going with here due to the complex unwrap for her head :x

ThePatrickP- thanks, i actually found a good trick for making the teeth textures, but i wanted to still do a little more detail with there texture map, and thanks for the idea about the tail, i have changed it.

BgDM- hey almost missed your post, thanks a lot i really respect your work so it means a lot, like i said in the last post everytime i go to sit down and paint i hear that post in my head, keep it light or BgDM is going to say something :smiley: thanks man i totally agree the softer shadows are a improvement

thanks for all the feed back, i feel i’m learning a lot by doing things in works in progress that i don’t think i would have ever found on my own :smiley: