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Wicker basket




RB leaves

Warning: This method does not prevent intersections, but can reduce them.

*There are the same amount of leaves. Without RB some leaves are hidden behind the wall.
Download ivies
Follow along blend


  • Set suitable constraint angles
  • Don’t forget to add passive RB to collision objects
  • Use Mesh collision shape for concave objects (set appropriate sensitivity margin)
  • Use vertex groups for particles density and length
  • Particles rotation - global Z, normal, normal-tangent

Ragdoll in Blender
Scripting for artists
IvyGen, Sapling Tree Gen addons

Blender v2.90.2, v2.83.17


Wicker basket

Download cat house basket
Follow along blend

1 Prepare shape
Use mirror modifier if shape allows (check flip U/V if needed)
2 Unwrap
UV Squares addon (clear tesselation direction).
If the surface is pretty curved, use maximally simplified pattern for tesselation.

In this case, in UV map every second row is rotated by 180.
3 Tesselate
Set Active UV for rotation, check use modifiers for the shape if needed.
4 Edit tesselation
Select all and merge by distance
If planning to use skin modifier - skin root mark and set mean radius x, y, skin modifier with smooth shading, subdivision modifier
5 Finish/fix tesselation manually
6 Add randomness
Mesh deform object - make sure all the tesselation mesh is included, add shape keys (add triangulate modifier if mesh deform effect is not visible)
Randomize radius

Skin modifier vs curve:
UV textures are available for curves; for mesh with skin modifier - if applied.
With mesh it is pretty useful to slide vertices when modeling.
Surface deform modifier can be used for mesh, for curve - only mesh deform.

(when using curve - close tips)

Reference - Lovely Kitten Cat House by Rivièra Maison
Sleeping cat
Addons - Tissue, UV Squares, LoopTools.
Tissue addon for wicker basket
Curves for weave
Surface deform for final shaping

Blender 2.90.0 Alpha, 2.83.1