eerie looking hart

I’ve begun trying to do some stuff in blender again.
Continued on some abstract eerie looking hart with cyber stuff in it.
(klik for bigger)

The problem however i can’t seem to get the metal look good.
I wanted to create some crome/shining metal like look.

Currently i’m using Oren-naya.
with 0.8 of ref and about a rough of 2.
and blinn with spec 2, hard 251 and refr 2.11

Any tips and help on this would be appriciated, and also offcourse on the hart itself.
Got the shader like that mostly because i followed the organic shader thread from a while back.
basicly it’s 2 times the model, (one just a tad bit bigger)
the big one is mostly transparent, which functions to create the wet gleam.
smaller model provides collor and a few shaders to create the vains and stuff. (via voronoi)

A metal material should have :
High specularity with low gloss…
Small diffusion (between 20 30%)
70% to 80% Reflection (if there is nothing to reflect around your object, try using a random material, black and white as texture…)

:confused: hope it helps

This is how i would start making the the metal look more like metal:
black white black gradient in world settings.
premul button on in rendering settings.

Too much purple in the heart.