Eerie nosie guy...

i hate naming threads, i can never think of aNYTHING!!

oh well, current WIP, please crit harshly!

was me and one of my stoner freinds brainstorming that came up with this… we just kept talking, and somehow this came out. hope u like!

no replies? okay, heres the last update untill this time tomorow!
a bit of PP including noise, and levels, rendered with 2 lamps, fake GI dome, and AO. (dont ask)

wuddya like/dislike about new version?

You want harsh? I’ll give you harsh!! THAT’S TOTALLY, um, . . ., uh, mediocre.

It’s certainly interesting. If those blue things are what I think they are, they are too smooth and shiny. Interesting little character there . . .

Is that a frying pan he is standing/floating on? if not there seems to be some kind of handle on his base.

I like the cans you added to make it look more interesting. Also the trash can needs a lid. And the “7-Eleven” sign looks crooked. Also the “7-Eleven” logo isnt centered on the sign.

The fellow is way too dark. Light him up and do some animation.

I have two big things I noticed right away. The side walk and the curb are one big piece. You need to seperate them with like a bumpmap or something into slabs because in real life this would never work the concrete would fracture way too much. You might consider adding some screws to the handycap sign this close its really obvious its 2d. The trash can could use some textureing. If you look at a 7/11 store their cans tend to have the small pebles on the can itself. Mabey add some chips in the paint on the blue areas. Also if the really dark look is what your going for then ignore this but IMO you should lighten up the store wall a little. The modeling looks excelent.

I might add that the presenter “fooled” me by a minute or two!


i kno, i need to fix scale. its wierd. um, more C&c apreciated, be really critical!

I might add that the presenter “fooled” me by a minute or two!



Far too noisey and not enough focal point. If you hadnt told me, I dont know if I would have even known what that nosie guy was.


i cannot be harsh sorry since you image made me laugh. this dude looks pretty funny. what i realy dislike is the blue and yellow color. looks to artificail. man this noise realy rocks!

for me the pan is to dark as well. rest is cool. the three coke cans are top!


DAMN! somthing happened to the computer, and just like, idk, it wont start… so i think my blend file is lost. dont expect anymore :x :frowning:

thats the time when people realize the value of regular backups :wink:

hope you can recover your files!!!


ya, i dont feel like backing it up, cause its but a small folder on someone elses my computer, but i prolly shoulda. my stairs project was there, but ive also got it in like 4 other drives LOL the newest ones on a diff comp. andyway