(gargola) #1

i was searching the net and found some eerie pics,one here:(hope it supports linking)

the family took the photo in front of a cemetery! :o

(fullback) #2

What’s so eerie about it? The kid is overexposed, but that is normal when using a flash camera. :smiley:

(Timothy) #3

but why did they edit in those ghosts?

(fullback) #4

That white ghost looks like it is wearing a Burkha. You know, that hideous garb Afghan women were forced to wear.

Is she also holding some sort of sign (or maybe a political placard)? Maybe she just wants an autograph or something.

(gargola) #5

he he he! :stuck_out_tongue: here is another:

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Go watch the game gargola!

(gargola) #7

game? :o

(fullback) #8

gargola=comedy all the time

kickoff in 15 minutes. See ya

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well,after all i can’t see it completely it’s 2:20 am here and i’m falling asleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzzzzzz… wha?..oops! sorry! he he he he! :stuck_out_tongue: well,cya! :slight_smile:

(joecool) #10

couple questions:
1)How do we know it was taken in front of a cemetary

2)Why would the center the picture on something they can’t see? The kid was to the right

3)why DID they edit a stinkin ghost…lol

(Nayman) #11

I think it is the reflection of the babys legs

the baby was probably in a baby baggy thinger!

(jbelanche) #12

who is who? is the kid the ghost? was Gargola the boy from “The Others” movie? :smiley:


(IngieBee) #13

That white ghost looks like it is wearing a Burkha. You know, that hideous garb Afghan women were forced to wear.

That’s what I was thinking and that’s exactly why it’s eerie!
[sarcasim] But of course, This is why women are so safe in the middle east. Rape almost never happens. Of course, if it should happen, all she would need is three witnesses and the rapist would be punished. False accusations arn’t tollerated, of course. So watch out if you can’t prove it![/sarcasim]

(fullback) #14

Please don’t misinterpret my attempt at humor. No offense meant!

I have two sisters who are both much smarter than I am, and I find what happened to women in Afghanistan intolerable.

(gargola) #15

???.. :frowning: i look that bad? he he he! :smiley:

([email protected]) #16

If it is a ghost, maybe it`s one of them that have a reason not to
cross into the light,

such as returning someone`s hubcap!


(IngieBee) #17

LOL, and my Karmann Ghia while he’s at it, please (stolen almost 7 years ago, and I still cry :frowning: )

I’m sorry too, if I offend anyone about those burkas, I am just loosing my patience for what is going on. Killing killing killing, like that’s going to get anyone anywhere.

Who am I to know, I’m just a christian who bought into the " love thy neighbor as thyself " stuff…

(Detritus) #18

Hm… Can´t see what´s supposed to be eerie with the second picture, really. The guy who´s trying to put the fire down?

(pofo) #19

Hehe, I know! There’s a guy sitting on the ground smoking with his back to the car :wink:

No honestly I think the babyleg theory is correct. Looks more like a baby’s leg than a ghost anyway.
Ghosts are usually full sized, this looks more like an angry tooth fairy out hunting.

  1. pofo

(blengine) #20

pretty darn spooky if its real, but i dont it…y would they purposely not take the photo with the baby in the center? hmmm ::suspicious::