Sorry to call you again, but I have a small question about LF too :

I tried to make arealights. So I made a plane, flipped the normals in the right way, added ‘_PLIGHT’ To the Object and materialname, but when I rendered, I didn’t see anything, the output tga was just black. What did I do wrong? I tried both with radiosity on and off.

And how could you make a good lighting bolt in LightFlow? In blender I would do it with a halo material, but LF doesn’t seem to have a ‘halo-option’ or something else I could use for it. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make a lighting bolt?

Thanks in advance


The script is a bit inconsistent in this case, I should change that, but for arealights you need to add ‘PLIGHT’ BEFORE the objectname, not after it.
But arealights are really slow in Lightflow anyway, regular shadowmaped lights or even ‘AMBIENT’ patches used with radiosity are a lot faster.

As for halos, Lightflow does have a Halo option, see the Lightflow documentation for ‘Imagers’, you would have to edit the output .py file, as the script does not directly support it.
But in any case it will add halos to any lightsource.

Would it be possible to make something lighting bolt-like with an interior?