eeshlo's new export script?

(bmax) #1

is the new version of eeshlo’s lightflow script available to the public yet?


(theeth) #2

Eeshlo told me yesterday that he is now writting the documentations for his new release.


(bmax) #3

wee! so that means its gonna be out soon?

(eeshlo) #4

I am very busy working on the documentation, even if almost no-one bothers to read it, I still like to make it as good as I can.
You probably will have to wait another week, even then there might still be bugs found by some testers that need to be fixed. Also don’t expect to never have problems again, I tried to go as far as I could but in the end there are still the limits of Blender’s Python API, and of course there are limits as well to my own programming skills.

(bmax) #5

thanx for the feedback!

eeshlo: errr… can u hurry up with your script? i’m going for vacation in 2 weeks, and i want the script now!! :smiley:


(Skates) #6

yes, we all want it! Please?

(bmax) #7

btw: i like your ‘personal statement’ (the alt f4 thing) :smiley: these two buttons come into action pretty frequently for me… although i usually use ctrl alt del (works safer)



(eeshlo) #8

I already almost work 24/7 on it, I want do this right. I know seemingly nobody reads documentation, it is not really fun getting the same questions over and over again. But I want to do it nevertheless… and besides it really is not all that much better, it basically is just a GUI (started by S68) around the script you already have… ok, maybe a bit more, but not much…

(Eric) #9

I’m very very grateful eeshlo, and you need more than one thanks.

I think it’s great with documentation, I always read it when there are something I don’t understand.

thanks again.

(S68) #10

The ‘started’ is correct… I’ve made a single screen interface, eeshlo added at least other 3, one of which is veeeerry useful, and lots of feature you’ll see soon :smiley:

Me too seldom read docs

(fullback) #11

I agree with S68. Eeshlo is faaaaaar to modest.

He has no future in politics. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Skates) #12

about the alt+F4 thing: once, I was going by some computer class for tech-illiterate geezers at my school (well, to give them credit, they were learning and that’s more than you can say for a lot of people) but anyway, I just said that in passing, to see if maybe any of them would try it and then be suprised when they lost their work. haha. Anyway, eeshlo!! You are my hero just for making the old plain text script! Also, I promise to read the documentation. Just for you, since I’m such a fan of lightflow. The next thing I want to learn is interiors, it has a great volumetric engine, apparently. Take your time on it, but not too much time, eh? heh. A big thanks from everyone for making this script, especially me!!!

(infinder) #13

eeshlo said:

>>even if almost no-one bothers to read it

What are you talking about.
The documentation is more important than the script itself.
Thank you eeshlo, I can’t wait to read it.


(eeshlo) #14

Just to say, of course I don’t think that really nobody reads it, it’s just because of all the questions I get (not only here, but also by email) that were mostly already answered in the readme.txt (which I admit you can’t really call ‘documentation’). And I do understand of course that when the script gets out, it will be tried out first, and then after that, in case of trouble, maybe quickly browse it. But that is ok with me, as long as it is used.
Btw, it may take longer again for certain other reasons, seemingly not everyone who uses the script, actually use python2.0, but higher versions instead. This means I will have to do some rewriting…

(bmax) #15

hurry up, damn it!!!

(theeth) #16
  1. take a deep breath, hold it a while and release the air slowly

  2. repeat step 1



(syndic3d) #17

Come on everybody!!! Eeshlo has been working 24/7 on the script. Calm down! Eeshlo wants to get the script done right! Of course he wants to release it for us. Just give him the needed time so he can release it!!!

(bmax) #18

you know, im leaving for my vacation in 1 week’s time, and i wanna try out the new script before im gone…


(Briggs) #19

you know, im leaving for my vacation in 1 week’s time, and i wanna try out the new script before im gone…

It’s a crying shame that the universe dosn’t revolve around you isn’t it?

(theeth) #20

You mean it doesn’t? Darn…

BlenderMax: oh please, everyone is not here only to grant your wishes you know…