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I know this is probably old news to everyone else in the forum but I’m going to extend my hand to eeshlo on all his hard work and talent. As I’m sure everyone else already knows, he wrote a fab script for HDRI. I never thought about the possabilitys of it and wasnt even sure I could believe my eyes when it worked…The first time! scripts this complex never work for me the first time and I am impressed! It’s been like Christmas around here all day. :slight_smile: Thanks eeshlo keep up the great work.

(eeshlo) #2

Thanks for the compliments! But I think you will find that apart from the examples, you probably will find it a lot harder to make it look good in your own scenes. The script was my first python experiment, and it shows, I’ll have to update it sometime in the future, whenever I find the time…

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I’ve had some pretty good luck with it so far. A few tweaks here and there and voila… Instant lighting. If nothing else it’s subject for some interesting lighting effects. I cant get over the gui for the script it’s well put together.You put a lot of heart in your work eeshloe and it shows.

(rixtr66) #4

gui?? is the new script out? where where where???
eeshlos script rocks! ive had pretty good luck with it.
havnt seen the new one though,dont see a link.


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to rixtr66:
It is not about the Lightflow script, but my old HDRIBL script.
I am sorry for the many delays of the Lightflow script, but it is now well over 4500 lines of pythoncode, so whenever I change something it takes time to debug, add to that all the testrenders I have to do of course…

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oh, sorry didnt mean to rush you or anything,i can wait :smiley:
that is a nice gui for the hdri script by the way.
all your hard work is appreciated by this blenderhead!
take your time and keep up the good work!


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eeshlo, don’t rush the script, people say they want it now but in the end we want a polished version rather than something we pushed you to put out too soon. Just do what you have to on it, it is YOUR script after all! Here’s an idea- start one of those paypal donation thingies for yourself, or maybe for some cause of yours, I’m sure people will appreciate your stuff enough to give a buck or two at least!

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No, I’m not rushing, but I can constantly think of things to add, and of course comments of others I see here and there also inspire me to add more things. And I really am not doing this for any kind of commercial gain, I don’t want anything in return, it is just a hobby after all, although it did get a bit out of hand…
Also it is not the greatest work ever, look at all the other export scripts around, some of them are really much easier to use. Green’s Blenderman or Jean-Michel Soler’s POVAnim (some of JM’s code (not from POVanim) actually inspired parts of the Lightflow script) for instance, they have done some really great work and don’t seem to be mentioned all that often…