Eevee 01

The workflow was simple

  1. Modeling the appartment structure (walls, floors, carpentry) in Revit
  2. Exporting as fbx to Blender 2.79b
  3. Configure lights and environment in Blender 2.79b, after that I opened the scene in Blender 2.80 and tweek the light and ilumination conditions here and there.
  4. Selection of the assets and sutf for populating the interior scene, place all the models in blender 2.79b and later append by groups and zones in the Blender 2.80 converted scene. (Many of the assets aren´t mine, I have my personal library of downloaded assets of freebies from many 3d models sites)
  5. Tweek and retouch shaders here and there configure the cameras and shot the images. That´s all

As architect, I spend most of the time designing the spaces, the building structure and so on (architectural designing) and spending less time for making the archviz of the modelling, then I need a workflow as fast as possible, due to my time, ann I cant´n modeling avery asset; I´m an architect who make it´s own archviz :slight_smile: in a relative short time. All this work was made in about 6-7 days in my spare time 1-2 hrs daily.

The rebdering time was about 3-4 minutes per images, with F12 rendering, but with “OpenGl rendering active viewport” button the rendering time was only 20secs average, but you see some diferences in the shadows in the final image, later I´ll share 2 images for comparisson purposes and some images with the lights location and rendering configurations (EEVEE).

The objective for making this exercise was for testing EEVEE for simulating “real” production conditions and for pushing the limits of my hardware with a BIG scene with many assets.

Hardware specs

CPU: Intle Pentium G3240 (2 cores, 2 threads)
GPU: Nvidia Gtx 1050ti (Gigabyte)
Board: Gigabyte B85M-D3H
RAM. 12 Gb DDR3

Critics and comments are welcome, and I´ll be on touch for any questions

Best Regards







More images



The images has a little postproduction in Darktable and I´ve used Filmic too. The reference was a project I saw days ago in



Nice work mate. Can I ask which version of eevee you are using? Mine keeps crashing.

What month of release? I am using April. Is yours dated further backwards/

Thanks for your comment. I´ve used for rendering the images the April´s 21th version, but I try to download the version daily, and yes, it keeps crashing for that I´ve been “assembled” the scene on Blender 2.79 and the 2.80 version just for minor tweeks and rendering

WOW…excellent viewing quality
I’m also doing some tests with eevee

aludos desde cuba tambien

pretty great work - 2 questions:

  1. where did you get all your models from? (Google Warehouse - or other sources)

  2. how were you able to minimize the irradiance volume artifacts? I see them hardly on your walls particularly in corners

Hi, thanks for your comments.
I have your work and opinions in high esteem and I’ve followed your tutorials in your youtube channel. About the irradiance volume artifacts I didn’t anything just configure AO, Soft shadows and Refraction space in the EEVEE rendering settings.
During the day I’ll try to upload the scene and I’ll share it here in the forum, of course without furniture because the scene is TOO BIG and internet connections here in Cuba are TOO SLOW… :slight_smile: Furntures are from different sources, Chocofur, (chinese web), Dimensiva, Sketchup Warehouse and others.


Some artifacts can be seen in the corners, but this is spectacular work for something done in a WIP realtime raster engine.

It really shows much Eevee has progressed (even though it cannot do all of the things that Cycles can).

This is the link for the scene, then you could see the illumination and rendering settings

and this is the HDRI I’ve used

These are great. Have you d experimented with unity/unreal and/or Enscape? At my office, many Revit users utilise Enscape, but it’s not good for recorded animations, as there is no way to animate the camera.

Did you have to redo the materials within blender?

Thank you for sharing. I’m inspired

thanks for sharing but i can not download it, it give me error
i want revit file to follow
[email protected]

Great work. I try to use Eevee for interior designs but haven’t had a right light settings yet. Could you share the file again please?

The link for the scene is broken :disappointed_relieved: