Eevee aliasing

I’m getting terrible aliasing when using a procedural bump map in Eevee, both in the viewport render and the final render. Cycles does not display any aliasing with the same scene.

Any ideas about how to fix this?

Eevee render:

Cycles render:

.blend file:

Hi. I think it is a limitation with Bump map on Eevee:

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Thank you. That explains it.

I’m in the habit of using a procedural bump map in Cycles for quick scene setups. I didn’t realise Eevee had that limitation. It sounds like I’ll have to do a little more work and use a normal map instead.

One workaround in Eevee is render at 3x or 4x and then scale down the image. But… it also takes longer so I’m not sure if this make sense.