EEVEE Alpha Transparency

Hi I am Andrea Giro and has been a while not posting here, but I have been following this comunity and Blender for all the time.
Now I am trying to implement Blender and eevee in my working pipeline and I am trying to render in eevee a short I already did in Arnold with Maya.
I have to say that the power of eevee is incredible and I am super happy about it, but I still don’t know the engine very well and i still don’t know if some stuff can be done or not.
I have a question about transparency:
I need to blend in compo 2 view layers, one with a character and one with the background because I need lighting differences; the problem - the character wear glasses so I need transparency glasses that are alpha transparent.
Is this possible? I attach a picture to show the problem: can I have the alpha behing the spere (in this example)?

thanks a lot for your help and I hope to be able to show you something of the short soon!!!



That’s very interesting,
let’s see if I can use this technique as I probably used a lot of colors in my character render.

Cheers yogyog

Blender’s viewer is broken and has been forever. Can you try your buffer with an Alpha Over node and a constant colour?