Eevee and classical volume light / retro

(Stefan Heller) #1


Eevee will replace internal renderer. So “classical” volume lights (NPR) will be gone? Do you see any way to produce a volume light in Blender Eevee without a fog (domain object)?

I am thinking of cartoons for example where I only want volume light in a specific place, but no fog. Or retro intros. Like here:
Could be helpful in achieving a more limited, more tweakable effect, that does not have to be realistic.

I am unsure, whether Eevee will be good for abstract, low Poly stuff and sharp shadows. Mor of cartoon style. Steep angles and the limitation of around 4000x4000 px of shadows let me already miss blender internal (a lot of shadow artefacts). Sometimes I love the more artificial look of internal better as Cycles for my fine art. Hope Eevee will catch up… I see I have a very special field of interest, Eevee has stunning examples, but most is aiming at realism.

I am afraid I can’t go back to 2.79 as soon as I have experienced collections and the fall of the ugly 20 layer system… So hopefully Eevee will be a real substitute for internal also for not photorealistic but still “perfect” stuff (no flickering, no compromise in shadow resolution & quality…)

greetings Stefan