Eevee and Cycles not seeing the same thing

I have this version of 2.8
and this:

Rendering in Eevee in the first version works fine. When I render, what I see is what I get.
(interestingly though… if I switch to Cycles it renders something completely different. Not sure why.)

Rendering in Eevee in the second version does not render fine. It does not render what I see, it’s rendering the same thing that I’d see if I switch to Cycles… which for some reason is rendering not what I see.
Not sure if this makes sense. What I have is a stationary globe. The camera is parented to an empty at the origin that spins the camera around and ends over Japan. That’s what I’m seeing in the viewport. When I render it out in the latest version of 2.8, I end up over north america. This same file renders correctly in the previous 2.8 version. Hu?

I’m not sure what your talking about by “different” ?

Eevee and Cycles are two different renderers, Cycles is a raytracer, eevee is not, the structure is so different, it means you will never obtain the same image with both.

So are you speaking about the rendered image aspect, or an animation issue :slight_smile: ?

See you ++

PS : A .blend would be usefull to be able to help

The rendered image.
In the viewport I see Japan… in cycles I see north america.
In a slightly older version of 2.8 Eevee will render Japan. In latest 2.8 Eevee does the same thing as Cycles and renders North America.

I’d send the file, but it’s work related and I doubt they’d want me to share their files.

Difficult to understand your problem with only words. You try to clean the scene and only share items that you are allowed to, but still showing the problem.
At least some screenshot?

-These images are from the older 2.8 that I have.
-They are both showing the same frame of animation.
The Eevee one shows what I see in the viewport and also what I render (with Eevee).
The Cycles one shows what I render in Cycles.
In the latest version of 2.8, what I see in the viewport is the same as the Eevee pic, but when I render, it shows what the Cycles version is showing.
I’ll try to recreate this in a file that I can share.

If you can recreate the scene showing the problem and you can share it with developers, I guess the problem you’re having is something you can report in the bug tracker. I think that from the same camera, Cycles and Eevee should show the same in both camera viewport and final render.