Eevee and Cycles Render

I have a character that I want rendered in cycles and a scene that I want to render in eevee. Is it possible to render the two together and have those settings applied?

you can’t use both engines at the same time

Create a new Scene with the ‘Linked Copy’ option.
Use one scene with cycles, the other with eevee, and in the Compositor mix both together (the ‘Render Layers’ node has an option to peek which scene to use).


Thanks Secrop!

Can you explain creating a new scene with linked copy?

And I’m assuming I would just disable the character in one scene and the scene in the other, correct?

On the main menu, right in the Scene selector prop, you can Add a new scene, and tell that you want a ‘Linked Copy’.
This means that objects in the new scene will be just be links from the first scene, and if you change any objects, the changes will reflect in both scenes.

Exactly!! Despite the fact that most properties of the objects are linked to both scenes, information relative to the ViewLayers is scene dependent. This means you can have different visibility settings, different renderers, etc, for each scene.
There are some situations where a more carefull setup is needed (i.e. making light interactions between the two scenes), but it depends on each specific case and there’s no one trick that works for all cases.

Thank you!

I was able to do that.

Lastly, how would I combine the two in compositing? I’ve never used it to combine layers into one output.

Apologies for the beginner questions!

I think i’ve mislead you a bit here… As i’m just using 2.8x for testing, and 2.79 for working projects, I didn’t notice some tricky stuff in respect to ViewLayers and Collections (which replaced the old layer system). IMHO, the current process is a bit clumsy compared to older Blender versions, but still works.

Here’s the step by step to make things work in 2.8x:
(i’ll suppose you’ll start from your original scene, before duplicating it)

  • separate your objects/collections into different main collections. One for common stuff, one for Cycles only, and one for Eevee only.
  • create two more new ViewLayers ( one for working, one for Cycles view, one for Eevee view), and set the collections visibility accordingly to each ViewLayer.
  • duplicate the scene and setup the render engines for each scene
  • setup all render passes that you need, for each scene/engine (alphas, zdepth, criptomate, etc)

(I suggest to keep the compositor nodetree in a third separated scene, that can be an empty one)

  • in the Compositor editor, click in Use Nodes checkbox, add a second RenderLayers node, and choose the respective scenes and viewlayers for each node.
  • mix them as you like.

here’s a very simple blend, so you can check the settings in case i’ve missed some step.
cycles_eevee.blend (624.4 KB)