EEVEE Animation: Internsheep

Thank you for your advice :grinning:

The rig setup you demonstrated in the video as (far as I can understand) seems to be quite versatile. I have no idea how much work that had involved but I know that working with bones can be quite tedious as bone constraints unfortunately often result in almost but not quite working solutions.

The task rigging really paid off as the resulting animation is very fluid and the character interactions with environment looks solid and have weight to them. It’s almost like environemnt is a character as well. :smiley:

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I could have watched an entire episode of this, but looking at how much effort is there it feels kinda rude to ask for more lol :star_struck:

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My thoughts are similar to you.
All movable objects and environments are like characters, too.
Objects and environments can change, move, and have personality.
Thank you :laughing::blush:

thank you~
making animation with Blender 3D is very fun and happy~
i will make more try animation~~:blush::grinning:

Wow - this is top-notch!! Not only great tech skills, great animation, but also great story telling.

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thank you~!~~ i will make more interesting animation~` :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: