Eevee animation render speed

(Rickvdvulkaan) #1


I guess this is my first post here, or at least in a very long time, please go easy on me :slight_smile:

I am trying to get used to blender 2.8, or blender in general. i do have some experience with a variety of 3d software, but my main job is mostly compositing and editing.

i think the eevee renderer has alot of potential, but im still struggling a little with some things, like DOF - and shadow quality

but for now, to keep the topic simple, im trying to figure out how to speed up the render/output.

mostly im combining live footage with cgi, so cycles would then be the way to go, but for now, im trying to make a very basic camera movement with a low poly 3d character, just to make an example for the DOP on set to recreate. so eevee would be perfect for a quick render/preview.

in the viewport, its all realtime, but the output is about 2/3 seconds per frame. i know there are some things i can change, like the render samples, but that doesn’t really make a noticable difference. also the image format doesnt really matter (i prefer png, 1920x1080), or the destination (its a raid5 system, 600Mbps write speed)

its just a minor squibble, but it would be great if the output would fly trough the scene, like in the viewport. cycles isn’t even that much slower in this case.

anyone with some tips and tricks?

(Paul McManus) #2

It’s very likely that the encoding and writing of the stills or video files is going to be the major overhead that you don’t get when previewing in the viewport. Changing the samples etc. to be closer to the preview settings will improve things. Viewport rendering of animation in preview mode also tends not to render the same as a still image in preview mode. I’m not sure of the precise differences but it looks like there are time or sample limits imposed when previewing and the frame rate is low in order to help approach a real-time fps. Sorry, I’ve no tricks or tips to help with this.

(Rickvdvulkaan) #3

thanks Paul,

i know that in NLE’s you can render still sequences in (almost) realtime, i also did it a few times in c4d (even a more basic scene than this) so it might be possible in blender too some way.

or as a workaround i could just record the screen, but thats a little devious i guess.
For now ill just be a little patient i guess.

(yogyog) #4

I would personally like a way to press a single button and have an animation play at absolute fullscreen (no interface whatsoever) … maybe with a 10 second lead in … to use with screencasting software. I don’t know how easy such a feature would be to implement, but it would be very useful for those scenes that look fine played in viewport.