Eevee archviz test

I present to your criticism a small house rendered compleatlly in Eevee, (no light bake), with some compositing done in blender.
Due to the nature of the project and its deadline the focus was mostly on presenting the space rather to show off my rendering skills or interior design ideeas. And since the project is finished i plan to use the scene for antoher project, but if anyone has any interest on how the image was done, dont be a shy :).
I know its not cycles archviz quality but as of the state eevee in 2.82, i say its more then passable (12 min render time).


Considering your goal is visualisation, I think this rendering does that job well. If I was a potential customer of a new home, this visualisation would be more effective at selling the property to me than a ordinary blueprint, though I would want and expect to be presented with those as well, though a top down view would also be desirable in this style. I’m not sure how it would compete with photos, but it depends on the state of the dwelling. I don’t have anything negative to say about it so it’s a bit weak for a criticism post, but it’s not my area of expertise.

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Indeed it the type of visualisation made only for investors to sell some dwealings, that means realism is out, and also the focus is on making key features that would help them sell.