EEVEE Blue Dinning (video)

This is the first project developed in EEVEE as me and my company @holenstudio are looking to unify our visualization workflow to be entirely in Blender.


Render in Cycles:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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great project! any behind the scenes are would be good. i mean with videoprogress ))

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Thank you sir :heart: . Wish you a great weekend too! :pray:

Thanks for the feedback @odil24 . I’m planning on making it on near future. Meanwhile I keep on experimenting with EEVEE. Surprisingly the clients are loving the results. This drove to a insight that not every work need to be photorealistic…it just needs to be beautiful. And EEVEE is good at making scenes look this way. :wink:

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Can’t wait to see the video progress )