Eevee cheap CPU with high end GPU for render

Hi thank you in advance for your advice!

I am building some nodes for my render farm. I am using Eevee to render.

Since I read that eevee only renders in the GPU, would it be ok to pair a higher end GPU with a lower end CPU?

I have built 3 with an intel i3 9100f 3.6ghz and Nvidia GTX 1080. There was no difference in render time per frame vs a 1080 with my i7 6700k 4.0ghz.

If I were to pair an i3 9100f with an RTX 2080, would the processor slow down the render time?

This build is strictly for rendering frames and will do nothing else.


You might run into a gpu bottleneck with an i3. For a 2080 i would suggest an unlocked i5 maybe

Thanks! looks like at least for gaming on a 2080ti an 13 would be fine. Probably fine for Blender Eevee too. Ill update with the results if I ever make these new nodes in my farm.

I’ve actually wondered the same for a while, if a RTX 3070 would be bottlenecked by my I7 8550U in my laptop, but more for rendering in Cycles thou. But as far as I understand that bottleneck is for gaming, and rendering ain’t exactly the same as gaming, and that’s also the same for Eevee?

So… I managed to find an RTX 3090, a 3080 would have been better for the price but I got the 3090 at msrp which is pretty much what you’d have to pay for a 3080 from a scalper. at least thats how I justify the purchase…

In my test I used the same scene on 2 machines
Ryzen 3900xt 64 gb ram RTX 3090
Intel i3 9100f 16 gb ram RTX 3090

Keep in mind this is eevee renders

The ryzen machine rendered the 4k frames in between 18 and 22 seconds each

The i3 - the first frame took about 4 minutes but after that it was 22 - 25 seconds per frame. Im guessing the first frame took so long because the processor was slow to get the info into the 3090.

If you only take render, and you don’t use highly modifiers, physics etc. yes, OK.