Eevee + CMV Realtime Material Experiment

Here’s my latest experiment featuring Blender’s realtime Eevee engine.

More info here:

Watch the behind-the-scenes version here:

Materials courtesy of The Cycles Material Vault.

Had I rendered these the traditional ray tracing method, it would have taken me weeks. The beauty of realtime. :slight_smile:


Hey Reynante! It’s looking really nice :slight_smile: Maybe I’m going to give it a try :slight_smile:

I have tried and tried to find out what is happening I brought this July 2018, on the basis that I asked at the time would this work with EEVEE, I was told yes you will get the free update to run on Eevee I brought the full version Pro, Emailed to no joy… (bit Crap when you have to go to open platforms to get a response), Just be nice to know is this a dead fish I lost money on or is their news on the product being updated ?

Thanks for any news