Eevee Coffee Bar

I’m stuck. I need your advice on what in this work i should pay more attention and how to make it better?

Achieved with Eevee :slight_smile:


For me, the grey wall and the ceiling are too “clean”. Maybe try to apply some detail to it.
Also add some detail to the transition between the ceiling and the columns and lamps.
Other than that, looks really really good! :slight_smile:

Agreeing with the above. Also the spill looks good if it’s water – if it’s meant to be coffee I’d say it needs to be browner. Especially impressed with it on the non-smooth surface – nice work!

Thank you for your remarks! It helps me a lot. I will make corrections on your advise. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, its water))

I agree, it is too clean, and there is a lot of empty space. You have all these lights in the room, but not a single wall switch to turn them on? Where are the electrical outlets that these various machines would plug into? Just look around your room, or go out to a coffee shop and notice the imperfections and try to incorporate them into your scene.

I think the spill looks nice, but where is the towel that will help you clean it up? If it is some kind of public shop, there might be a table tent with an advertisement.

Initially I had the impression that it was some one’s home, but then as I look at the bar and the menu, I am unsure. Perhaps, help the viewer understand if it is a business or personal space.

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Wow, this scene has some potential!
Here are a few nit picks( I hope they are still needed):
Like already mentioned, the Walls and the ceilling are too clean but I also think that the scratches on the ground are way too deep. The lack of details was also already mentioned but it immediatly caught my eye.
One tiny last thing is that the ambient occlusion on those pillars looks kinda weird, I would prefer if there was no space between the pillar and the Ceiling, (But maybe thats just me).
Sorry for any grammar fools, I’m not a native english speaker.

Well, the first thing I would do is paint the ceiling. And the walls, doors etc. Then, put many more lighting-fixtures on it so that the illumination of the floor … which would do well also to be made of lighter-colored wood planks … would be even. In general, my first-impression is that the room is dark, and dark gray. “Get colorful with it!” :slight_smile:

I’m disagreeing with this in a couple of spots. In the type of coffee bar you seem to be doing the ceiling would often be black – but it would also be a drop ceiling, texturing it like one of those would IMHO coordinate with the reclaimed-industrial space look of the brickwork and add realism to the scene. That having been said, putting down those floor cushions (I think you need more’n’fluffier, they should look inviting) marks this as a reading space, more for reading paper than cellphone screens – low lighting overall should be spotted with brighter where people are sitting and where staff is working, and although you’ve somewhat got that it seems inadequate. And the inside lighting should have warmer color – the problem isn’t that you’re using dark grays with your woods, it’s that the overall tone is cold.