eevee col fur need help

hey this is what i have but you will see that the col (the white furr) looks realy strange
do anyone know how i could make a nice coll furr for the eevee ? if i animate it i want it (if there is wind ) its like the furr is moving (the white col)

hope anyone can help me and explain how i got to do it right
thanx already :slight_smile:

can anyone help ? i am really stuck on this part :s

i still need some help i got it a bit better but its too blocky and its not like eevee’s white col

Why not use particle hair?

but how do you use it ? i already heard of that but i dont know how to use it or what it is

hey thanx there a a few nice tutorials that looks great :slight_smile: hope i understand then
thanx for the links