EEVEE color issue

I have an issue in eevee where the color of a material is different from the color I’ve chosen, even in the material preview window, despite the material being an emission shader. Heres a picture giving an example:example|487x414

I added the colors right next to each other in the top left view so you can see the difference more clearly. The more saturated one is the color I chose, and the grey-ish washed out one is what Blender gave me. Heres a demo file you can look at bad color.blend (669.8 KB) if you want.

I don’t think the issue is color management, since I already tried messing around with that and it doesnt fix the problem (or sometimes it ALMOST does, but never completely).

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I can see 4 colored circles in EEVEE
then what is the problem ?

is it when you do a render or in viewport ?

are you working with grease pencil ?

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It’s both in the render and the viewport. Although the differences can be subtle, the color that gets rendered and the color actually used for the material in the nodes are different, with the rendered one being slightly washed out compared to original. I’ve checked by looking at the actual RGB values, and even in cases where the difference is subtle, theres still a difference and I can’t figure out why.

Did you have a look in the Color Management settings ?
Accoding to those settings, final colors can be very different, regardless the colors set in the shaders

See you :slight_smile: ++

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don’t forget that in the render it will take into consideration of the lights sources in the scene
and this will change the color seen in the render

so check if you have some world light or HDRI or other light souces in the scene.

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I didn’t check the file, but if he’s using an emission shader (only) as he says, other lights or environment doesn’t matter. Only exposure, gamma, color management (check to not use filmic?), curves, and post stuff can affect it.

Under filmic, very bright colors will tend to go slightly darker and become desaturated. It’s part of filmics process of allowing higher than 1 values without clipping.

Maybe the splash screen should inform of what color management the current default/file is using and the consequences, as this may not be obvious or intuitive to new users?

Thanks, I was able to fix it by switching the view transform in color management from filmic to standard. For some reason, the colors still don’t match in the viewport (its too small of difference though to notice and the only reason I did was because I was comparing the RGB numeric values, so its not really an issue), but they do match in the final render, and thats the important part. Thanks for your help, guys!

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here example for 3 different render with same color
but different world color
there is a slight difference in the red value
see image of render
not much differences but still visible and not the same!

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Thank you brother! you saved me :slight_smile: