Eevee crashes when rendering beveled curves

Just make a simple beveled curve and press F12 - Crash. Also converting beveled curves to meshes and then trying to render results in Crashes. Can somone confirm that?

Which Build are you using?

The latest from 17 of december. Does Blender crash if you try to render beveled curves?

The very latest is from today. I know there were a couple of issues with the Dec.17th build. I have the build from the 19th and the one currently up, both are fine.

For the most accurate answers, it is recommended you stay up to date with the latest 2.8 builds.

Bugs are getting fixed at a rapid rate (though the devs. are taking a break for the Christmas season), so a bug today may not exist by the end of the week.

Well, who would’ve expected new beta uploads over the holidays. Its like Ton chained these poor guys to their office chairs, hehe. Anyway problems fixed with the latest build.