EEVEE cryptomatte implenemtation?

I was looking on blender Yt channel and dev blog but couldn’t find any info on EEVEE cryptomatte implementation. Is it on roadmap or is it abandoned for now? Maybe someone has link or info on when they are going to implement it (this year, next year?). Asking because I really enjoy EEVEE it’s fast but if cryptomatte implementation is on hold this year I had to switch to cycles to finish my project.


Up. Cryptomatte pass is essential in my workflow. Is this going to be added to Eevee?

Criptomatte (AS FAR AS I KNOW, i can be wrong on this) is not developed or even meant for raster engines like eevee, unreal or unity. Is meant for path tracing engines like cycles, vray, arnold.

Only if/when the creators of cryptomatte themselves make a solution for realtime raster/game engines, there will probably be adopted for engines like eevee.

For now, no such beast like that exists…

Criptomatte developer answer:


One workaround that you can do if you need to mask some stuff is to export a pass using the workbench engine with random, flat colors and no antialiasing.

That will give you an ID pass that you can use in various compositing package . Sadly for now I think it’s not possible to render that straight from blender (outputting the render from eevee and the ID from the workbench in one go using some viewlayers or two scenes). Anyway for a project I succeeded to output ID , screenspace Normal (using a matcap) and Cavity pass with the help of a little python script. Even if I rendered the scene 4 time it was still quite fast and really handy if you work on a animated project.
At some point I’m sure we’ll get some ID straight from Eevee or a better way of doing all this. For now the only solution is to wait or use dirty workarounds…

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Nice trick. Thanks.

Up. ID pass is essential in any workflow.