EEVEE Development updates ( EEVEE-Next )

I wonder if, next to the addition of SSGI for better indirect lighting, Eevee Next’s reflections will also be more automated and complete, so there’ll also be no need to place gizmos for that anymore.


According the to the schedule that was posted above there has been a delay of the 3.2 from the planned release so I assume Eevee Next will be released around the Blender 3.5 release. It seems as a nice round number for a major release like Eevee Next. But will it be present for testing earlier than that say Blender 3.3?

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Yep. It’s already available as an experimental option in Blender 3.3.

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Eevee Next has “Sampling” and “Film” panels :smiley:


The Film sub-system is finally in.

We now have a more correct TAA in place for animation playback and viewport navigation which also converges faster when view become static. Large pixel filter (bigger than 2px) support is a bit less than ideal but already a clear improvement in terms of convergence time compared to previous implementation.

There are many ways to improve the TAA (by doing dis-occlusion rejection for example) but I took the decision to leave it as is for now as it is already a good improvement compared to the past implementation.

Many of the render passes are already supported. Adding support for additional ones has been simplified and has less overhead than before.

Cryptomatte is still waiting to be implemented. As I am not familiar with the current implementation, I prefer to focus on more pressing features.

I would like to note that the goal is to have at least feature parity with current EEVEE implementation to avoid delaying the release indefinitely. So I will be delaying some features or improvements that I consider non-essential for an initial release. The two features that are now delayed are viewport up-scaling and camera panoramic projection. The latter has too much interaction with other features that it will take too much time to complete.

I am now focusing on bringing back the motion-blur and depth of field.

From devtalk…


The EEVEE Next project entry at indicates that SSGI has been completed:


But I still can’t find SSGI in the latest Alpha version of EEVEE Next.


As noted there:

NOTE: Many of the features listed below have been implemented in the eevee-rewrite branch and are still being ported to master.

(He added this note yesterday.)

Also I think that Screen Space Tracing refers porting SSR from the current EEVEE, not SSGI. But I’m not sure.

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Ah, yes, that could be the case. Thanks.

Really looking forward to SSGI in EEVEE Next. It might make me switch from Cycles to EEVEE.

So many new pannels for Eevee next! :smiley:
It crashes if I try to render anything, but it’s good to see all these back in! :slight_smile:


Just passing on what 0451 posted in reply to my question about this, that yes that is Screen Space Global Illumination. Apparently it’s not in a useable state at the moment.


A little bit of trivia in between:

I used to think ‘EEVEE’ was a reference to how ‘EV’ (Exposure Value) is pronounced, or maybe to the Pokémon of the same name, but it turned out to be an acronym: Extra Easy Virtual Environment Engine. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that is a backronym :smiley:


Hi, motion-blur and depth of field are now done.

For both, I took the time to port the implementation to compute shaders. This means I had more freedom to leverage modern hardware capabilities, improving performance a bit in both cases. The core algorithms are still the same. This was also a good oportunity to double check the code and implement a few missing bits.

Quality and ease of use have also been improved. I removed some parameters that existed only because of shortcomings of the old implementations.

Motion Blur has 2 new features:

  • The shutter curve mapping is now supported. It only distributes the motion steps following the curve. So it will not be visible.
  • Motion-blur is supported in the viewport:
    When navigating or editing, it only blurs towards the previous viewport state to smooth out the interaction.
    When playing animation, it will use the render settings and will do a preview of the motion blur by extrapolating the deltas with the last frame data.

For the depth of field, input stabilization has been fully reworked and uses TAA internally. This means much less flickering on bokeh highlights.

I also started to enable all properties panel that are EEVEE-Next compatible.

Next, I’ll tackle the light and shadow systems.

From devtalk…


I downloaded 3.3 beta and enabled Developer Extras, but I’m missing the option to enable, well just about any of the experimental features, but specifically the Eevee stuff.

Is there another setting I missed? Or do I need to download a specific blender build, not the daily 3.3 beta build?

They did that on purpose? I do love that pokemon, but sometimes when you’re searching for stuff online the shared name does complicate the search results. On the other hand, what a cute pokemon.

Some options are only for alpha versions so have a look at 3.4 but currently its also not available there. Its in the dev extras but nothing will happen.

Seems like so! To be fair, it never happened to me to find Pokémon-related answers, but I could definitely see it happening… I mean, just think about the fact that Eevee is a normal type Pokémon :smiley:

This is how it currently looks in 3.4.


Also after activating it you need to restart Blender to actually make it appear on the renderer list.

There’s still not that much to see but I like viewport motion blur.


A simple test