Eevee DOF artifacts around the focus distance

(thrilledburst) #1

Here you can see all kinds of lines and weird looking patches when adjusting the focus distance:

Any idea on how to fix this?

(SK0441) #2

It is an inheritent effect due to nature of the engine. it is a game engine so the method is like a game engine and I am afraid that it can be fixed

(thrilledburst) #3

Damn it! Thanks for the relpy tho.

(SK0441) #4

Thats as far as I know but you could ask someone else if we can remove those

(shteeve) #5

I’m finding depth of field in eevee is particularly artifact prone even by real-time standards. It’s almost impossible to get an in focus foreground without massive background bleed.

Eevee has a number of features that utilize multi sampling to converge to nice clean results (soft shadows, volumetrics, etc). I’m hoping they could adopt an option similar to the one Sketchfab uses, where what appears to be jittered multi-samples converge to a surprisingly nice bokeh blur, and is pretty performant even on mobile phone hardware. I’d happily donate to any initiatives to get that feature in place!