Eevee - Draw Order Issues With Alpha Blend On Sprites

Hi there,

I’m attempting to rig up a 2d puppet in Blender 2.8 and I’ve run into a classic 3d error in that with Eevee the renderer is drawing the individual sprites in the wrong order when I use the alpha blend blending mode. See below clip:

If I switch to cycles you can see the issue doesn’t appear and everything draws correctly:

Now it does render correctly when the camera is exactly perpendicular and it works correctly with hashed blending but hashed blending doesn’t really work for the art style and having to keep the camera at exactly 90deg is a little bit limiting.

Has any idea of how I could solve the issue? Increasing the distance between the pieces doesn’t seem to have any effect and I would rather keep them at the current distances if possible. I’ve also looked at altering the pass index and trying premultiplied and straight alpha options but nothing seems to be working. Thanks a mil in advance for anyone with any suggestions!