Eevee exterior rendering newbee question

Hi mates, I am totally new to blender rendering. After watching several videos on youtube embarked on my first render and man… the result is disappointing.
I need your attention please: any appropriate tutorial? link, etc?
here are settings, the cycles and eevee results:

I can give you no better link htan this:

The guy is superb at this and also provides downloads of his assets so you can mimic the result. Well worth subscribing to his channel.

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That was amazing,
I hope could learn the eevee settings…

I had an HDRi background and a sun, very similar to what he does but when do the rendering , I have two shadows. Also if I increase the HDRi intensity then loose the dark shadows and if decrease it will get some dark blue on the volume…

See how it looks without the volume, it could be the effect of voulmetrics on the scene affecting the result, don’t think he tends to use volumetrics, hisscattering light i think is done post-process in Photoshop.

I tweaked the scene and light and the result improved.will show the result soon.

I tried assigning a low-resolution HDRI image to a sphere big enough to encompass all my scene. but it did not work.

In fact, it works and has some shadows but not tight lighting. I am still experimenting.