EEVEE GI in Animation


Hello … This system allows you to usestrong text the dynamic “GI” in the “EEVEE” engine by firing before each “RENDER”.

This video lasted 5 seconds per frame … “GTX 1060” Cheers! :ice_cream:

I’m thinking of preparing a tutorial video soon …

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Selam Hüseyin :slight_smile:,

Can you tell more about “the system” you referred briefly?

Sure, I will soon prepare a lecture video explaining the system and showing its speed.

Please wait a moment…

I made this temporary video, but I’m thinking of preparing a comprehensive video for “GI” for “Eevee” in the future …

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So, the script bakes/computes lighting each frame??
Cool trick!!

Yes, this is true :+1:

Nice. It would be so nice to save the sh’s from the irradiance volume to an file per frame and to read them back.