Eevee glass settings for hollow glass (eg a wine glass)

As it says really, ideally I want to make a glass object with thickness to use as a receptacle for a fluid sim, just wondering if there’s an optimum solution to do that in eevee?

Thanks in advance!

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They both look kinda bad because of the double edged solid which you can look through. In real life, if you can “look into the rim”, the ray will enter total internal reflections and “never” escape. I have the same problem in Cycles when I try to make fake transparency based glass on solid glassy objects. Switching to refraction makes it proper of course, but I haven’t succeeded in handling the shadows using transparency without this double nature showing up in the shadows (where we can’t use refraction without refraction caustics).

Don’t know how I’d approach this in Eevee (can’t test).