Eevee - HDRI anomaly on refractive surface

I’m rendering a scene in Eevee that consists of a refractive plane (ie. water) above a pool shape, using a HDRI texture for lighting.

The viewport render is fine, but the final render contains anomalous areas that appear to be a reflection of the HDRI image.

This is the viewport render:

and this is the final render:

I’ve tried changing every setting I can think of to get rid of the anomaly, but nothing helps.

Through experimentation, I found that if I move the camera away from the pool until the entire pool is within the camera’s field of view, and then create a render region the same size as the original camera view, the render does not contain the anomaly.

This is the viewport render showing the camera view and the render region:

and this is the resulting render:

Is this a bug? Or is this just an unavoidable limitation of the way Eevee works? Or have I just done something wrong in setting up the scene?

Here’s the .blend file if it helps:
2019-06-02_16-01-55_02.blend (3.2 MB)

Reduce edge fading at Screen Space Reflections.

Or increase the overscan setting under film

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Thanks for the responses.

I set the edge fading to 0.000 but there was still a thin band of colour at each side of the render:

This did fix the anomaly. Setting the overscan to 5% completely removed the problem:

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