EEVEE - how to maintain workable scene performance with many repeating light sources?

Hi guys,

I want to use many small lights to light my sci-fi corridor in EEVEE. I simply copied many point lights but the scene’s performance becomes unworkable after that. What is the best way to go about it without making the scene’s performance suppppeeerrr slooooowwww?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

You can disable them from viewport, only use in render.

Eevee limit is 128 lightsources so if your corridor is very long and that is not enough, you can always model part of corridor where you have one light source and bake lights there in cycles, and then instance that corridor part.

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Thanks for the tip! Is there any way to improve the realtime performance though. If understand that you can isolate one section with a point light in it. But that makes it hard to evaluate the design in context of the complete corridor.

I did some experimenting. Here are some things I found:

  • One thing I tried that immediately had a big influence is to put the render samples to 1 instead of 16. The downside is that you no longer can have soft cast shadows and such…

  • Another thing I experience is that the literal size of blender’s viewport window has an influence on the performance. So keeping it small relative to the size of your monitor screen improved performance as well.

Seconding the baking suggestion: bake your lights and then delete them. You’ll be back to the rewrite performance immediately

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I would love to know more about how this works. Do you know a good tutorial / resource for this?

Short version- switch to cycles temporarily, make a new empty image texture, bake a Combined pass to that image texture, set the combined pass as the texture, delete the lights, switch to Eevee.

Long version:

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Thanks! I will look into that!

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Why not use one long thin Area light pounting up in that space?

Interesting! Your idea let me wondering if its possible to use an area light and mask it’s emission in a way to simulate multiple lights source emission. Is this even achievable? Do you know someone, scenes, tuts that use this “trick”?