Eevee; how to use probes in irregularly shaped rooms?

(CarlG) #1

Now, I’m new to probes, and may be doing something wrong here. But whenever I have a room with some angled walls, I have a hard time adding probes that give a good shading result. Instead, I’m getting some crazy artefacting as some of the “irradiance dots” are close to the angled wall, some are far away, and some of the other side.

Also, I’m having some extremely bright fireflies appearing out of nowhere on a pretty dark image (dimmed down lighting in a cinema style room). Makes DOF/Bokeh pretty much an impossibility to use. See the RGB values for one of the bright spots on the door.

The questions:

  1. How do I use irradiance light probe for non rectangular rooms?
  2. How can I avoid these extreme fireflies?

(cekuhnen) #2

I am really curious about this too since we plan to explore eeVee for interior architecture renderings

(English is not my native language) #3

Oh, I’m looking forward to documentation and examples about how to use probes correctly.
For irregular volumes, I am not sure if it is convenient to use only one Iirradiance Volume covering the entire volume, no matter how many spaces are left outside the volume. Or if it would be better to use several Irradiance Volume probes covering the best possible interior volume without leaving much space on the outside.
About Reflection Cubemap in interiors. I am not sure if it is better to use it only in the areas that you need more accurate physical reflections, or if you could also build a matrix or arrangement of “large” Reflection Cubemap probes filling all the inner volume. By doing this last I have had good results.
By the way, you try Reflection Cubemap to try to eliminate the fireflies (remember Bake it under Indirect Lighting)

(English is not my native language) #4

I’m curious about:
First: @CarlG, have you been able to remove fireflies using Reflection Cubemap?

Second: Is there a user out there who uses another program/engine that uses Probes in a similar way as Eevee? Any clues about how to use them correctly, or point to some tutorial?

(lucky) #6

Hey there,
I’ve been experimenting these days with light probes.
Light probes must be scaled uniformly (all axes must have the same values) otherwise it leads to artefacts.
Using multiple probes with large fading distance works best from my tests, otherwise the light probes clipping is clearly visible.

(cekuhnen) #7


I would say a close competitor here is Enscape.

I am really not convince that the irradiance volume light probe is a very good solution for GI here.
It seems to box you in.

But maybe I am also wrong here - sofar it was hard to get any clear data of how to use it best.

(CarlG) #8

I haven’t had opportunity to try. I’ve had some serious issues with Eevee lately (World related stuff) I don’t think I’m going to touch it again for production stuff :slight_smile: