Eevee Image plane with transparency and depth of field

Hi there,

I’m trying to incorporate some green screened footage into a scene (Doing it this way, so that the footage can be affected to a degree by shadows, lights etc) and I’m having an issue whereby the depth of field seems to be just calculated from the objects behind the plane:

Focal point is set to the image plane with “Test” on it


I’m trying to figure out how you’d make it work as you’d expect, and it does seem complicated (Although if I set the blend mode to Alpha clip, or Alpha hashed it works as I’d expect, although then you lose the soft blend at the edges) - is there a similar issue in Unreal/Unity?

Just answering my old thread here, as it cropped up in a search for something else - I found that transparency set to ‘alpha hashed’ on the test plane made it work as expected.