Eevee in 2.79

I got it back then, when it came out. I never delete my previous Blender Versions. That’s where I got it, from my old Blender Archive.

Do you have other older releases if possbile?
I am trying to frame a longstanding Cycles bug and it was already pressent in the build you posted earlier.
So I know it was introduced between 11.09.2017 (2.79b) and 14.03.2018 (the build you posted).
If you could link earlier WIP builds, it would be much appreciated.

I have Blender 2.79b and a really old 2.80 Experimental Build from 2018

Actually I do have the very first Blender 2.80 Experimental Pre Alpha Version from 2017. It is ONLY for Linux.

It is still labelled as 2.79 in the Splash Screen, but you can see it’s Blender 2.80 in the top right. As you can see this is 2.80.1 which means the first 2.80 Build

So, can you upload this if you find time?
Also 2.79 builds after the 2.79b release are welcome as well.

I thought there was only one build after 2.79b, which is basically 2.79 which is the stable Version of 2.79.