Eevee Interior Animation

(Giri Dwi Cahya) #1

Hi All,

This is my first attempt to use Blender Eevee
and the result is awesome!
Still fast even using my old Nvidia GTX950M 4Gb.
Just 3 seconds / frame with 100 samples
I’m using Blender 2.8 build 2018-03-07

Hope you like it!

(Giri Dwi Cahya) #2

And These are Still Image Render
Resolution : 1920x1080 Px
Render TIme : 3 Seconds

(Giri Dwi Cahya) #3

Other View

(Magogg) #4

Yeahhh! Really great!
This test is impressive!
What light sources did you use for the scene?
I would like to see the interaction with other materials, such as fabric, glass, mirrors …
Tnx for sharing with us!

(Giri Dwi Cahya) #5

Thanks @Magogg. the light source is just a rectangular area light from the window and solid color background. For now i didn’t use HDRI light because the light produced is flat. for other materials maybe next time. :slight_smile:
(sorry for my english)

(Magogg) #6

The final result and the quality are very good!
Tnx for answer!

(Giri Dwi Cahya) #7

You’re welcome!

(Ghaell) #8

Great work, it’s really really nice to see beautiful architecture and interiors made with blender!
Keep blending!

(Giri Dwi Cahya) #9

Thanks @Ghaell