EEVEE irradiance volume probe distance

i use an EEVEE irradiance volume for the first time and i am not sure what the probe distance value controls. the manual doesn’t really make this clear to me.

is the default value of 0.3 ok for most scenarios or do i have to adjust this maybe depending on the resolution of the dots inside the volume somehow?

To me, that sounds like a limit for the falloff worth. Since eevee is not a pathtracer, termination points like this are probably needed. But no matter I only use the inner cube for the calculation (it is always a bit larger than the space I want to calculate)

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yes, i noticed no difference with different distances. my volume also surrounds all my geometry.

i also find the units a bit confusing. because the distance only really seems to be meters if your volume is a unit cube (which it never is once you scale it to fit your scene).

this unit confusion happens in many places in blender. :slight_smile:

There are some specialties in Blender: you should always apply scale and rotation( ctrl+A) ,is one of them.

yes, but applying scale/rotation doesn’t work with an irradiance volume.

Maybe what you see is what you get is enough in this case. Or a bug report to the developers. I don’t need the fallof worth anyway.