Eevee: Is there no way to update irradiance per-frame for dynamic lights?

I know this question might be getting asked a lot, though to this day I don’t have an official answer so I felt I should make my own thread for it. I’m sure many of us who use Eevee for animation consistently ran into the issue of being unable to update irradiance probes for dynamic lights: There’s just one button in the render panel to bake all indirect lighting before you render anything. Meaning that if the sun moves in your scene or you want irradiance for a local light that moves or gets turned on / off during the animation, you’re completely out of luck.

Is there presently no trick at all to bake irradiance per-frame in those scenarios? In the render panel there is an “auto bake” checkbox, but the description suggests it’s just automation during editing and not something that will trigger a rebake every frame as you render. Such an option should exist per-probe anyway, those irradiance volumes in places without dynamic lights don’t need to waste render time being rebaked constantly.

This reminds me of a semi-related question which could provide a solution: Is anyone familiar with the new SDFGI illumination system coming to Godot 4.0? Ever since I heard of it I’ve been thinking Eevee could make use of it too as an alternative to the limited irradiance probes we currently rely on.

Doesn’t the other thread you posted in have a link to an addon that works around this? Or does it not work?

Found it and posted there after this thread. I noticed they mentioned an addon: That could be helpful in a worst case scenario. Was hoping for a way that doesn’t require addons, as I seek to avoid depending on them for projects when possible.