Eevee Light Baking in Multiple Scenes?

I setup a new scene in a blend file to make an alternative interior design proposal.
Because the two proposals share most of the geometry (same room walls, floors and finishes, same furnishings 90% etc), the two scenes are linked and say 90% of objects the same.
However some of the alternative objects effect the indirect lighting and some of the lights are different.
When I try to bake the indirect lighting I get a total mess!

How can I have Eevee lighting in both scenes?
I just thought I should probably have separate probes… will test this and write back.

Yes. Separate probes, save the different, baked indirect lighting separately. Scenes lighting works in both scenes.

Notice, among other things, the hidden recessed light behind the round mirror -first image- vs the light under the hung mirror cabinet (rectangular) -second image-
The two different effects of the two distinct lighting setups, on the back wall and other objects, could not be accomplished with the same light probes shared between scenes.
The light-probes in the second scene are independent (though duplicate in properties)