Eevee light flashing in volumetrics

Working on a scene using eevee and a spotlight and getting blotching and flashing with the spotlights interaction with the volumetrics.
Curious if anyone has any support besides clamping down? Clamping fixes it but pretty much removes the shaft of light.
It’s the headlight on the diver. I can attach a video if that would help.

What are you Clamping values? Also, have you tried brute-forcing the max samples to the volumetric settings?

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Thanks Midphase! Yes I’ve tried clamping all different values - even a value of 30 is wiping most of it out.
The 256 max samples does help a bit with the blotching - but weirdly loses some detail and brightness.

There are ultimately limits to EEVEE, and this one might be one of them.

There are different types of flashes in Eevee, some of them can be considered bugs and other limitations.
Yes, a video could help.

What Light Clamping values did you use?
What is your GPU?